Champions for
clean energy

Our personalized messages make the case for Inspire Energy’s vision.

Our team members are passionate about seeing our planet thrive, which is why Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc. is part of a movement to bring more clean energy into our community. We are Inspire Energy’s voice in the marketplace, helping to educate people about the benefits of adopting wind power and other energy-saving solutions such as smart thermostats, locks, and vents designed to cut power costs. We know our initiatives have an impact, and that gives us a drive to do even more.

Inspire Energy has a vision to help the country through sustainable energy sources. Our customer acquisition campaigns are the bridges they need to get the word out to communities far and wide. We know how to tailor our messages and methods to reach specific markets. Because we connect with people on a personal level, we generate more positive responses, which means Inspire Energy’s vision can become a reality.

Making the Case for Smart Energy: Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc.

Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc. has one mission – to get customers to adopt Inspire Energy’s alternative energy solutions and smart technologies.


What Bolsters Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc.’s Success


Our team is comprised of some of the brightest minds in the consulting and marketing field. Their combined backgrounds and expertise are why Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc. is one of Inspire Energy’s champions.


We don’t believe in the status quo at Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc. Our goals are lofty and to achieve them, we need to break from our comfort zones and be risk takers. We strive for perfection in all that we do. When we reach it, we head to the next level.


Our team members each share Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc.’s objective to promote smart technology and sustainable energy sources. We collaborate and work within a supportive culture that is reflected in all that we do.

Our people earn and learn while they do good.

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