Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc.: Advocates for Greener Communities

Every day at Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc., we use our voices for good to turn more customers toward clean energy solutions.

As consulting and marketing experts, we pave the way for Inspire Energy to bring alternative energy and smart home technologies to residents and businesses throughout Columbus, Ohio.

By raising awareness about the green options available, Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc. drives impact for Inspire Energy as part of the movement to create a cleaner future for our community.

We’re champions of sustainable energy, and proud to lead the way toward a greener planet.

Our Work
at Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc.

Today’s top wind and smart energy technologies trust Pinnacle Management Promotions, Inc. to represent their companies. We position clean energy solutions as affordable and rewarding choices. Our work gives homeowners and businesses more reason to make the switch to greener technologies, and that’s good for us all.

We combine our talents to effectively represent Inspire Energy.

See how we do it.